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Why do I need to validate my account?

Validating your account will not only ensure that our services can communicate to you via email, but will also allow you to use some of the advanced features of our website, such as bulk pricing, creating a directory profile, account management, advertising, etc. For further information, please Contact Us
Why is my account not validated?

An email was sent to the email address provided when you signed up containing a link to validate this account. Click on this link or paste it into the address bar of your internet browser to validate your account.

If you haven't received your validation email after 30 minutes, please do the following:
   1) Check any Junk Mail, Bulk Mail, and Spam Mail folders.
   2) If you need further assistance, please Contact Us.
What browser do you recommend for your site?

Get Firefox!
Although we test our site for compatibility with all browsers, we recommend using Mozilla Firefox for its speed and enhanced security. Click the button to try it out for FREE!  

Who uses is used by retail dealers, online auctioneers, Ebay dealers, insurance agents, manufacturers, libraries, pawnbrokers, freight adjusters, collectors, law enforcement personnel, divorce & probate attorneys, Internal Revenue Service, hobbyists, repair shops and many other fields of business.
How is used? is a marketplace that provides information about used equipment in the market. Many dealers, auctioneers, collectors, pawnbrokers use the data to determine the value of an item they are selling, trading or buying. This data is widely used to evaluate insurance claims to find the replacement values of damaged OR STOLEN property.
What kind of information does provide? lists products separated by searching by model number/name or by using the left navigation of the site first by selecting the product type, manufacturer name and model name. Descriptions, specifications, suggested retail price, used buying and selling price, and years of product availability accompany each product listed lists products Descriptions, specifications, User Reviews and comments, suggested retail price, used buying and selling price, and years of product availability separated by product type, manufacturer name and model number/name. This information can be browsed by using the left navigation of the site first by selecting a category then either the product type and/or manufacturer name, or can be searched by model name.
How do you determine the used prices?

The used prices are derived from dealer surveys gathered nationwide. Dealers are asked to provide the "selling price" and "days to sell". The used price is then calculated based on what an average store could sell the product for in 30 days or less. The price has proven to be an accurate reflection of the actual marketplace. The data is also reviewed by various dealers, pawnbrokers and online sellers that make up our Board of Advisors who are selected for their expertise in used equipment.
Definition of price categories
(List Price) 
Manufacturer's Suggested Selling Price. This value represents the most recent manufacturer's suggested selling price. It does not represent any discounts applied.
Advertised: The price the item was sold for in a retail store at the time the item was considered new.
Used Retail:  Dealers, Resellers - Used Retail is what you would sell the item for.
Consumers - This is what you would pay a pawn store, dealer or reseller. In most cases this is the price that you would insure your item for.
Trade in Mint and Average:   Dealers, Resellers - Trade In is what you would buy the item for.
Consumers - Trade In is what you would sell your item to a pawn store, dealer or reseller for.

I cannot find my product in your database?

Simply select a category from the left navigation bar and enter your product's model number in the search box. If you still do not receive the results that you are looking for, you can do a detailed search by selecting the manufacturer and type of your product. At we strive to include as many products in our database as possible.

If you cannot find your product on our website it may be that the information was never released to us from the manufacturer, or our research team could not find any information for that specific product.
I cannot find my directory listing in the directory?

You must have an account with that has a directory listing purchased on the account. To set your directory listing to show to the public, Log into and click on the header "My UsedPrice", then click the Edit button. At the bottom of the edit directory form there will be two checkboxes that need to be checked
Show profile to public Show in profile search

After selecting these options click Submit to save any changes.

To view your profile as another user would click on the header "Directory". Enter your company name or enter your business type and category and zip and click Search. If you still cannot find your directory listing in the directory please email us at .
I entered my credit card and it did not go through?

Make sure that you have entered the credit card information correctly. If you feel that you have correctly entered the credit card information and are still having problems please email us at .
I am having difficulties viewing certain pages. How can I adjust my monitor? was created for use on 1024x768 resolution monitors. If you are having display issues with you monitor, you will most likely need to adjust the resolution of your monitor. Please follow the instructions below.
1. Open Display in Control Panel.
2. On the Settings tab, under Screen resolution, drag the slider to 1024x768, and then click Apply.
3. When prompted to apply the settings, click OK. Your screen will turn black for a moment.
4. Once your screen resolution changes, you have 15 seconds to confirm the change. Click Yes to confirm the change; click No or do nothing to revert to your previous setting.

To open Display, click Start, click Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes, and then click Display.
A higher screen resolution reduces the size of items on your screen and increases the relative space on your desktop
You can switch your screen resolution temporarily to 640 X 480 if you have games or other programs that are set to run at that resolution. To switch, right-click the game or program (on the desktop or on the Start menu), and then click Properties. Click the Compatibility tab, and then select the Run in 640x480 screen resolution check box. Your display reverts to its default resolution when you close the program.
Your monitor and video adapter determine how much you can change your screen resolution. You may not be able to increase the resolution above a certain level.
Changes to screen resolution affect all users that log on to the computer.
Only the recommended screen resolutions are listed. For additional settings, click the Advanced button on the Settings tab, click the Adapter tab, and then click List all Modes. Select the resolution, color level, and refresh rate you want.

What Is a User API Code and how do I get mine?

We have an API system which allows you to perform certain calls in order to get market value information of items that we keep data on. In order to get started with acquiring an API account you will need to already have a validated account with us. Once you have an account send an email to our support or complete our contact form indicating that you are interested in getting an API account. After sending an email you will be contacted with further details.
How much does's service cost?

Please visit the Pricing Page.
You don't have an answer for a question that I have?

Please email us any problems at
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