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Jerry Douglas Signature Series Aura Imaging Pedal Image Jerry Douglas Signature Series Aura Imaging Pedal Fishman Transducers, Inc. Effects 2011
Description: Effects: Aural Imaging - Analog/Digital: Digital - Switch Type: FET (Momentary) - Mono/Stereo: Mono - # of Presets: 16
UniChorus Image UniChorus EBS Sweden Effects 2006
Description: Effects: Pitch Modulator, Chorus, Flanger
512 Image 512 DOD Electronics Effects 1999
Description: Effects: Multi-Effect
MX400 Image MX400 Lexicon Effects 2006
Description: Effects: Reverb, Delay - # of Presets: 99
PDI-03 Image PDI-03 Palmer Direct Effects 2006
Description: Effects: Speaker Simulator - Mono/Stereo: Mono
T1 Golden Brownie Image T1 Golden Brownie Xvive Technology Effects 2016
Description: Effects: Distortion
TC-10 Twin Cam Chorus Image TC-10 Twin Cam Chorus Ibanez Effects 1986 - 1993
Description: Effects: Chorus
Heavy Drive Image Heavy Drive Carl Martin Pedals Effects 2006
Description: Effects: Distortion
Shanks 3K Image Shanks 3K Vemuram Custom Pedals Effects 2013
Description: Effects: Germanium Booster
Dirty Little Secret Red on Flat Black Image Dirty Little Secret Red on Flat Black Catalinbread Effects 2021
Description: Effects: Overdrive
SYB-3 Bass Synth Image SYB-3 Bass Synth Boss By Roland Corporation Effects 1996 - 2001
Description: Pink or Dark Gray Label Made in Taiwan. Effects: Bass Synthesizer
DEC Buffer Booster Image DEC Buffer Booster Mosky Audio Effects 2015
Description: Effects: Boost, Buffer - Switch Type: True Bypass
Amp Force Image Amp Force NuxFX Effects 2011
Description: Effects: Simulator - # of Presets: 9
Hybrid Fuzz Driver Image Hybrid Fuzz Driver Skreddy Pedals Effects 2013
Description: Effects: Fuzz, Overdrive
Micro Volume Stereo Image Micro Volume Stereo Nose Pedal Effects 2016
Description: Effects: Volume
GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor Image GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor Boss By Roland Corporation Effects 2018
Description: Effects: Multi-Effect - # of Presets: 99
Dual Soda Drive Image Dual Soda Drive Raygun FX Effects 2015
Description: Effects: Germanium Fuzz, Overdrive
Silver Crank Image Silver Crank Devi Ever FX Effects 2015
Description: Effects: Fuzz
Dual Marine Layer Reverb Image Dual Marine Layer Reverb Fender Musical Instruments Effects 2021
Description: Effects: reverb
Bassweet Image Bassweet Frantone Electronics Effects 2006
Description: Effects: Germanium Fuzz - Switch Type: True Bypass
Amp Switch Image Amp Switch Diamond Amplification Effects 2013
Description: Effects: Switch
Vintage Overdrive Image Vintage Overdrive Azor Effects 2019
Description: Effects: Overdrive - Switch Type: True Bypass
Koko Boost Reloaded Image Koko Boost Reloaded Suhr Guitars Effects 2014
Description: Effects: Boost - Switch Type: True Bypass
Envelope Filter Image Envelope Filter Hartman Electronics Effects 2010
Description: Effects: Envelope Filter
Fuzz Probe Image Fuzz Probe Zvex Effects Effects 2006
Description: Effects: Fuzz, Distortion
Crazy Cacti Image Crazy Cacti Caline Music Effects 2015
Description: Effects: Overdrive - Switch Type: True Bypass
JF-07 Classic Flanger Image JF-07 Classic Flanger Joyo Audio Effects 2012
Description: Effects: Flanger - Switch Type: True Bypass
DJ-7 Milkshake Image DJ-7 Milkshake Danelectro Effects 2001
Description: Effects: Chorus
Vocalist Workstation EX Image Vocalist Workstation EX Digitech Effects 1998
Description: Effects: Vocal Harmony
Ballade Image Ballade Foxgear Pedals Effects 2019
Description: Effects: Chorus
AX3000G Image AX3000G Korg USA Effects 2000 - 2006
Description: Effects: Multi-Effect - # of Presets: 32
MC406 CAE Buffer Image MC406 CAE Buffer Custom Audio Electronics Effects 2011
Description: Effects: Loop
DV Mini Boost Image DV Mini Boost DV Mark Effects 2012 - 2013
Description: Effects: Boost
3000 Image 3000 Zoom North America Effects 1998 - 2000
Description: Effects: Multi-Effect
Reaction Hush Image Reaction Hush Rocktron Technology Effects 2011
Description: Effects: Noise Reduction
Emperor Image Emperor TSVG Pedals Effects 2013 - 2015
Description: Effects: Boost, Overdrive
Zero Point Image Zero Point Catalinbread Effects 2015
Description: Effects: Flanger
Bass Soda Drive+ Image Bass Soda Drive+ Raygun FX Effects 2018
Description: Effects: Germanium Fuzz, Overdrive
Ola Image Ola Strymon Effects 2010
Description: Effects: Chorus, Vibrato - Analog/Digital: Analog
FBX-2020 Image FBX-2020 Sabine, Inc Effects 1999
Space Flanger Image Space Flanger ModTone Effects 2010
Description: Effects: Flanger
P-Split II Image P-Split II Lehle Effects 2013
Description: Effects: Preamp/DI - Switch Type: True Bypass
Memphis Sun Image Memphis Sun Keeley Electronics Effects 2015
Description: Effects: reverb, Echo
Super Phat Mod Image Super Phat Mod Keeley Electronics Effects 2016
Description: Effects: Overdrive
Noxious Image Noxious Fuchs Audio Technology Effects 2009
Description: Effects: Gain Changer
Eye See Eye See '78 Wren and Cuff Effects 2018
Description: Effects: Fuzz - Switch Type: True Bypass
PDS-1002 Image PDS-1002 Digitech Effects 1986 - 1991
Description: Effects: Digital Delay, Pedal Board
Lil Lil' Looper Vox Amplification Effects 2012
Description: Effects: Loop - # of Presets: 12
EMP-100 Image EMP-100 Yamaha Electronics Effects 1992 - 1994
Description: Digital Stereo Multi-Effect Processor, 100 Effect Presets.
Formula 69 Image Formula 69 Solid Gold FX Effects 2007 - 2013
Description: Effects: Silicon Fuzz
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