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33 Image 33 Devi Ever FX Effects 2009 - 2012
Description: Effects: Fuzz - Switch Type: True Bypass
Reamp Image Reamp Saturnworks Pedals Effects 2013
Description: Effects: Preamp/DI
Sweeper Image Sweeper Mooer Audio Effects 2014
Description: Effects: Filter
BC-5 Bass Chorus Image BC-5 Bass Chorus Ibanez Effects 1995 - 2000
Description: Effects: Bass Chorus
Space Flanger Image Space Flanger ModTone Effects 2010
Description: Effects: Flanger
Phaser Image Phaser Empress Effects Effects 2010
Description: Effects: Phaser
Baby Quasar Image Baby Quasar Subdecay Studios Effects 2010 - 2011
Description: Effects: Phaser Shifter - Switch Type: True Bypass
OD-X Overdrive Image OD-X Overdrive Guyatone Effects 2002 - 2004
Description: Effects: Tube Overdrive
P-Split II Image P-Split II Lehle Effects 2013
Description: Effects: Preamp/DI - Switch Type: True Bypass
ICH-9 Image ICH-9 Image by Yorkville Soound Effects 1986 - 1988
Description: Effects: Chorus
Blood Moon Phaser Image Blood Moon Phaser TC Electronic Effects 2016
Description: Effects: Phaser - Analog/Digital: Analog - Switch Type: True Bypass
Memphis Sun Image Memphis Sun Keeley Electronics Effects 2015
Description: Effects: reverb, Echo
Delta Stomp Image Delta Stomp Peavey Electronics Effects 1998
Description: Effects: reverb, Delay
FZ-3 Fuzz Pedal Image FZ-3 Fuzz Pedal Boss By Roland Corporation Effects 1997
Description: Effects: Fuzz
Super Phat Mod Image Super Phat Mod Keeley Electronics Effects 2016
Description: Effects: Overdrive
BSY600 Image BSY600 Behringer USA Effects 2010
Description: Effects: Bass Overdrive
Noxious Image Noxious Fuchs Audio Technology Effects 2009
Description: Effects: Gain Changer
PDS-1002 Image PDS-1002 Digitech Effects 1986 - 1991
Description: Effects: Digital Delay, Pedal Board
Blues Crab Image Blues Crab Mooer Audio Effects 2013
Description: Effects: Blues Overdrive
Lil Lil' Looper Vox Amplification Effects 2012
Description: Effects: Loop - # of Presets: 12
EMP-100 Image EMP-100 Yamaha Electronics Effects 1992 - 1994
Description: Digital Stereo Multi-Effect Processor, 100 Effect Presets.
Formula 69 Image Formula 69 Solid Gold FX Effects 2007 - 2013
Description: Effects: Silicon Fuzz
Enigma Image Enigma Electro-harmonix Effects 2009
Description: Effects: Envelope Filter
Vans Warped Distortion LE Image Vans Warped Distortion LE Visual Sound Inc Effects 2009
Description: Effects: Distortion
Multi Tap Tempo Pro Pedal Image Multi Tap Tempo Pro Pedal Nose Pedal Effects 2013
Description: Effects: Switch
GE-10 Graphic Equalizer Image GE-10 Graphic Equalizer Boss By Roland Corporation Effects 1978 - 1986
Description: Effects: Graphic EQ
Voodu Valve Image Voodu Valve Rocktron Technology Effects 2001
Spindoctor 2 Image Spindoctor 2 T-Rex Effects Effects 2012
Description: Effects: Preamp/FX, Overdrive
Digital Reverb DGR-1 Image Digital Reverb DGR-1 Onerr Effects 2009
Description: Reverb Effects, Effects Selector and Mix Knobs
Vortex Mini Flanger Image Vortex Mini Flanger TC Electronic Effects 2014
Description: Effects: Flanger - Switch Type: True Bypass
Atlas III Silver Edition Image Atlas III Silver Edition Spaceman Effects Effects 2017
Description: Effects: Boost, Preamp/DI - Switch Type: True Bypass
Large Beaver Image Large Beaver Manea Guitars Effects 2012
Description: Effects: Fuzz - Switch Type: True Bypass
G2Nu Image G2Nu Zoom North America Effects 2010
Description: Effects: Multi-Effect/Amp Modeler - Analog/Digital: Hybrid - Switch Type: FET (Momentary) - Mono/Stereo: Stereo
Carbon Copy Bright Image Carbon Copy Bright Dunlop MXR Innovations, Inc. Effects 2015
Description: Effects: Analog Delay
Ripply Fall Image Ripply Fall Jam Pedals Effects 2017
Description: Effects: Phaser, Chorus, Vibrato
C9 Image C9 Electro-harmonix Effects 2015
Description: Effects: Organ Machine - # of Presets: 9
The Rev Image The Rev Duesenberg USA Effects 2014
Description: Effects: reverb
Sputnik Red & Black Edition Image Sputnik Red & Black Edition Spaceman Effects Effects 2014
Description: Effects: Germanium Fuzz - Switch Type: True Bypass
Fuzz Overloader Image Fuzz Overloader Seppuku FX Effects 2009 - 2010
Description: Effects: Fuzz
DT-1 Distortion Image DT-1 Distortion Nobels Effects 1999
Description: Effects: Distortion
FS-1 FOOTSWITCH Image FS-1 FOOTSWITCH Rivera Research & Development Effects 2005
Drivetrain Overdrive Image Drivetrain Overdrive Visual Sound Inc Effects 2010
Description: Effects: Overdrive
WH-10V2 Classic Wah Pedal Image WH-10V2 Classic Wah Pedal Ibanez Effects 2009
Description: Effects: Wah
EQ-20 Image EQ-20 Roland Corporation Effects 2003
Description: Effects: Eq
Fireball Image Fireball Exclusive by BSM Effects 2005
Description: Effects: Boost
Gecko MKII Image Gecko MKII One Control Pedals Effects 2015
Description: Effects: Switch
Decimator Prorack Image Decimator Prorack ISP Technologies Effects 2012
Description: Effects: Noise Reduction - Mono/Stereo: Stereo
Eight O Eight Overdrive Image Eight O Eight Overdrive Retro-Sonic Pedals Effects 2007
Description: Effects: Phaser
DS-I Image DS-I Vestax Corporation Effects 1981 - 1985
Description: Effects: Distortion
FL-5 Flanger Image FL-5 Flanger Ibanez Effects 1995 - 2000
Description: Effects: Flanger
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